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Can I buy Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel from this site? No. Follow the links to the retailers in the "Buy The Book" Section, or the links to the publisher on the Homepage . In addition, a "Buy the Book" link can be found at the bottom of each page of this website.

In what formats is Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel available? Trade paperback, hardcover, and e-book.

How much does Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel cost? Prices vary from competitive to very competitive, depending upon the seller. Follow the links in the "Buy The Book" Section of this website to find sellers with whom I am most familiar.

How long is Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel? Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is 352 pages long, including 36 pages of endnotes and references, and 9 pages of photographs. When sellers say Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel runs 360 or more pages, they are counting blank pages inserted to provide uniform breaks in the text.

For what audience is Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel appropriate? Adults and mature young people. Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is not for kids. It contains violence, sex, carnage, and other sensitive subjects. The tone of Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is conversational, but researchers will find a wealth of references with which to pursue specialized topics.

Is Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel a true story? Although Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is military fiction, it's about 90 percent factual. Names, ranks, and physical descriptions have sometimes been changed to protect the anonymity of actual persons. Most of the anecdotes in Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel rely on my father's memory of events that took place about 60 years before publication, and his powers of recall, though very good, were not perfect. Therefore, a small number of factual gaps have been replaced with likely scenarios. However, all wartime letters reproduced in Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel are genuine. In addition, all endnotes, references, and the statements in the main text attributed to them, are, to the best of my knowledge, entirely true.

Do you collect personal information on this site? No.