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"A vivid story brought to realistic life."

—Midwest Book Review

"A coming-of-age story that contains romance, tragedy, and comedy."

—The Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Sunday News

"Puts the reader on the front line...shows what life was like for the everyday soldier."

—Poughkeepsie Journal.com

"I enjoyed Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel so much I could hardly put it down. It ought to be widely read as an excellent way of recalling World War II."

—Hans L. Trefousse
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History
Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York

"This book is an energetic and enjoyable read. The sex scenes are often hilarious if rather raw, proving a believable addition to a coming-of-age subplot. Our World War II vets and their families will experience fond memories and filed-away sadness in these pages."


“Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel delicately mixes fiction and history to tell the story of an American air corpsman during World War II. His precious letters enhance a grand book deserving warm appreciation. People from my hometown will be as moved and fascinated as many Americans who will, no doubt, eagerly read it.”

—Jacques Wynants, Belgian Historian
Author of Verviers 1940 and Verviers Libéré

“Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel paints an absorbing picture of the daily life of America’s greatest generation. Vets will find themselves reliving their own experiences—the boredom, the loneliness, the fear, and the role of fate in life and death. For the rest of us, Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is social history at its best.”

—Dr. Stanley J. Michalak
Senior Associate, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia
Professor Emeritus of Government, Franklin and Marshall College

“Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel effectively captures light and tragic events in the life of Don Quix, a GI from the Bronx who served during the London Blitz, Normandy invasion, and Battle of the Bulge. A fond recollection, an easy read, and well worth one’s quiet reflection.”

—Henry Stremba, USMC, WW II
Former Executive Vice President, American Society for Testing Materials

"Bravo on a job well done. I will share Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel with my son and father. This is a tale that needs to be understood by those of our parents' generation, our generation, and future generations."

—Joseph Nagler
Author and Composer

"Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is about enlisted men and how they find companionship, compassion, and deal with the realities of war...I give Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel 10 thumbs up and a five star rating. It's worth every minute that you spend reading it."

—Lillian Cauldwell
Live Talk Radio Show Host

"Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel's finely-wrought text is an impressive wedding of historical fact and creative ingenuity. It was particularly moving and enlightening for me because at the time of World War II, I was a mere bobby-soxer. I recommend Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel for persons of my generation, and for anyone interested in an entertaining, well-written, historical novel."

—Marie Traficante Trump
Professor Emeritus of Voice
State University of New York at Purchase

"Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel grippingly informs us of life caught up in the twentieth century's most dramatic events, and does so mightily."

—Rabbi Dr. Gerald M. Meister
Advisor, Israel-Christian Affairs
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consulate General of Israel, New York City

"This is one that you will not want to put down once you pick it up."

—Larry Whitler
News Talk Anchor, WOCA Radio
Ocala, Florida

"A phenomenal book."

—Doug Miles
Host of "Suncoast Morning Magazine"
WIBQ Radio
Sarasota, Florida

"Absolutely awesome...fascinating stuff."

—Ed Ferenc
Host of "America's Workforce"
WKTX-AM 830 Radio
Cleveland, Ohio

"It's rare that we get a look at World War II like this. I highly recommend Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel."

—Ed Jones
Host of "Musical Stages"
KBEM-FM 88.5 Radio
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A fascinating book."

—Annette Ayoub
Host of "Saturday Day Brightener"
KPCL-FM 95.7 Radio
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"A delightful read."

—Reagan Smith
Co-Host of "The Smith & Riley Show"
Syndicated Radio Program
Orlando, Florida