Military-Related Links
A wonderfully eclectic site containing detailed information on the Army Air Corps during World War II, including personal histories, virtual exhibits, links, and bibliographic references.
Airplane Training offers the general public training in flying fighter jet aircraft and instruction in modern air combat tactics.
Armed Forces Benefits
Provides links to organizations offering benefits to veterans and their families, including health care, education, careers, and funeral arrangements.
Battle of the Bulge on PBS
Battle of the Bulge Program on "American Experience" PBS Series.
Capt. Barbara A. Wilson, USAF (Ret.)
Military Women Veterans: Yesterday, Today, Tommorrow
Drop Zone Virtual Museum
Excellent eyewitness accounts of major World War II campaigns.
Federation of American Scientists
Fighter Control Association
The Association of RAF Fighter Control Officers
Imperial War Museum
Just Military Loans
Financial assistance for military veterans and their families. Contains many helpful links.
Landguard Fort Trust
Huge site catering to U.S. military personnel, their families, and military enthusiasts.
Military Veterans Resource Center
Privately funded organization with a wealth of information of interest to veterans, including employment opportunities, mental health services, and help for military families.
Website of New-York-based, WABC-Radio commentator with extensive ties to the defense and intelligence communities.
Extensive World War II oral history website featuring interviews with New Zealand vets. Many fine photographs.
New York State Military Museum: Roslyn Air Base
Normandy Allies
Orv Iverson's World War II Homepage
Site of Ninth Air Force Association with a moving story of another radio man.
Panzermuseum Munster
Website of tank museum in Munster, Germany featuring an extensive archive of German World War II images and documents.
33rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron
Complete resources for the pilot, historian, and aviation enthusiast.
Royal Air Force
Information on today's British fighter control system.
Second By Second World War
Jeff Williams's blog on World War II. Mr. Williams is a writer, editor, and screenwriter with a passion for the Second World War. He's also a professor of mathematics and computer science at the Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I wrote an entry as a guest blogger on Second By Second World War for Independence Day, July 4, 2012.
The Story of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion from Omaha Beach to V-E Day
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Admin.
U.S. government agency providing substance abuse and mental health treatment for veterans and military families.
US Air Force History Support Office
US Army Center of Military History
Voice of America
Women Nurses War History
Informative web page with lots of links about female nurses throughout American history. Part of a website on online nursing degrees.